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Mediability Funding Office

Project & Professional Development Funding

Authentic representation and accurate portrayals remain a problem for disabled talent both in front of and behind the camera. The most effective way to change this is to become the producers and decision makers on our own projects.

Mediability Productions's Project Fund helps Members produce independent projects that increase the visibility of disabled talent in the film, television, music, arts, advertising and all other forms of media.


Do I have to be disabled?

For Professional Development and Festival Submission fee reimbursement, yes. Not for projects. As long as your project has a majority disabled aspect, it qualifies.

Do I have to be a Member?

Yes. All funding is for Members with the goal of increasing authentic disabled representation and participation both in front and behind the camera.

Event Sponsorship

If your event is predominantly disabled oriented or disabled produced, festivals, live events, galas etc, we're interested in exploring sponsorship opportunities with you.

Festival Reimbursement

If your submission made it to a final stage, and you are a Member, your fees are eligible for funding.

Funding Criteria

Professional Development Funds: You must be a Member of with a current profile on the site and a link on your personal and other social media sites back to
Productions: Your project (film, podcast, video, musical or spoken word or live performance) should be in production / post-production stage and in the event calendar (if applicable) with a link on your site or social media back to Mediability listed as an Executive Producer or other equivalent credit.
Events: Your event is SCHEDULED and is disabled produced or features disabled talent and is in the event calendar with a link on your event site back to
Classes and Workshops: Both presenters and attendees are eligible for funding if the class is 1) specifically for or welcomes disabled talent or if it's run by disabled entertainment professionals and 2) is in the event calendar with a link on the event site back to and 3) classes are listed in the Mediability Business section.

Production Fund

For media projects that are in production or recently completed (within the past 6 months). We do not fund wages or equipment purchases.

Event Sponsorship

Events must be in the Events Calendar, the Mediability Festivals or other related business category and linking back to us in Event site sponsors areas.

Festival Reimbursement

Festivals must be in the Event Calendar on If your festival is not on the site, please ask the organizers to add it.

Professional Development

Reimbursement for headshots, acting and/or improv classes, seminars and workshops. Must be completed and recent (previous 90 days).

Latest Promotional Video 10 second Marketing Agency Lookbook featuring disabled actors, models, athletes, speakers and other media professionals from around the world. This video is available in the Marketing Materials in the Affiliate Dashboard.