Jason Koger

Jason Koger is a motivational speaker and actor.

I have been on CNN twice, several news stations, Hawaii 5-0 hookman episode, Apples 30 year commercial, Aljazeera American network Techknow, skull bound tv on sportsman channel, brotherhood outdoors, addicted to the outdoors, manifesto, unibomber, MetLife, Free State Of Jones. I have been featured in several magazine articles like turkey country, medical, AP, several others and newspaper articles worldwide. I have many options with hands being fitted with traditional hooks, ETD hooks, bionic I limb hands, myo electric hands, and griffer. I am also willing to not wear a device if a scence needs that. I enjoy working with others and making a show work with a real amputee. I am very proficient with all devices and will work extremely hard to get every shot you need.
Hawaii 5-0, Skull Bound TV, CNN news 2008, CNN Dr. Gupta show, Speaker, Advance Arm Dynamic Brochure, Apple 1:24:14, Free State Of Jones, MetLife commercial, Manifesto the Unibomber
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