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Alvin Law

For over 30 years,Alvin has used his story to challenge and inspire people to rewrite the negative stories they tell themselves about themselves; to stop feeling like victims.


A victim of the infamous morning sickness medication, Thalidomide, Alvin was born without arms in 1960. By five days of age, his own family abandoned him leaving him in the hospital in the care of a social worker who was the only person who didn’t write him off. What happened next is the riveting story.

Alvin is a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation owned by less than seven percent of professional speakers worldwide. He is a best selling author of Alvin’s Laws Of Life...5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything! He is actually in not one, but Two Halls of Fame. The Canadian Professional Speakers and the Canadian Disability Foundation each inducted him for his remarkable achievements and the epitome of resiliency and determination.

Alvin uses his incredible true story to challenge every audience on a personal level. People who actually heard him as long as forty years ago describe him as the most memorable speaker they’ve ever experienced. But most important, he’s completely effective at getting audiences to rewrite the negative stories they tell themselves about themselves; to stop feeling like victims seeking blame and becoming accountable for their own outcomes. To stop making excuses and start making new choices.

His unique fusion of storytelling, musical performances (he’s a world class multi-instrument player) and down-to-earth humour connect with audiences at an intimate, intense and individual level.


2021 - Rewrite the Label as Alvin, GoalCast
1999 - Julien Donkey-Boy as Card-Playing Neighbor
1993 - The X-Files (1 episode) as Reverend

Degrees & Certifications

CSP - Certified Speaking Professional Broadcasting Diploma from Mount Royal College, Calgary, AB


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