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Kimberley Barreda

Monoskier, runway and print model, race car driver, skydiver, feature film, episodic and commercial actor, writer, event producer and event organizer.


Kimberley is an established personality in the disability community with an extensive resume including print and runway fashion, public speaking and event organization as well as a past life as a Principal Agent representing over 80 union performers, numerous top models, speakers, personalities and international level athletes.

Additional skills and training include NASCAR / PORSCHE skid school, adapted skiing, water skiing, kayaking, fashion design, event production including fashion shows, trade shows, gala and casual fundraisers, auctions and multi day sporting events.


Native Eyewear Locals Only Project 2012, Kellogs Corn Flakes, KMart (17 commercials), McDonalds, Divorce Court, Runway: Franco Mirabelli Designs, David Lega (Sweden), Louisa Summerfield (UK), Print: Franco Mirabelli Designs, Native Eyewear, Sears, The Bay, Eatons,


2018 Adidas Outdoor Retailer Inspiration Award


Film, TV, Internet, Appearances, Background, Editorial Print, Fashion Print, Fasihon Runway, Theater, Voice Over, Radio, Public Speaking, Hosting / MC, Improv

Sports & Activities

Alpine Skiing, Automotive Racing, Hockey, Kayaking / Rowing, Swimming


Hockey Sled, Manual Wheelchair, Offroad Wheelchair, Sit ski, Other Equipment



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