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Paul Lane

Tech nerd, accessible gamer, accessible gaming and access consultant, broadcaster, ambassador and personality.


As an Accessibility Consultant Paul uses his unique experience as a former able-bodied consumer and now a disabled consumer. This helps him to see the challenges from both angles. Paul has worked with video game developers & video game console manufactures in helping them make gaming inclusive for all in spite of limitations. He has also worked with different consumer technology companies assisting them in areas where the disabled community can use their products more fully. This is something he is passionate about since he recognizes the challenges that the disabled community and their families face.

His mission is to help ease the frustration that may come up for the disabled consumer. In May 2018 Paul was invited to speak at Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation) in San Mateo California for global accessibility awareness day to give a TED TALK. He shared his story about his injury, overcoming obstacles, career, advocacy, mentoring and love of gaming.

A career highlight for Paul was being asked to moderate the first ever "ACCESSIBILITY IN GAMES" panel at E3 2018 in Los Angeles California.

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