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Ian Gregson

Originally from Wigan, near Manchester, England, Ian Gregson is a Vancouver based actor, background performer and stunt double with specialty skills.


Ian started work in Vancouver in 1992 as a specialty skills background performer in Diagnosis Murder with Dick van Dyke. Throughout the 90's Ian worked as background performer in many Vancouver productions including Highlander, X-Files, Millenium and The Sentinnel. In 1998 he acted as an amputee stunt double in the Leslie Neilsen movie "Wrongfully Accused". A chance meeting with his hometown hero Sir Ian McKellan in November 2002 inspired Ian to re-think the movie business. After working in post-secondary education for a few more years, Ian returned to the industry in 2009 and has subsequently appeared in many local productions including Falling Skies, V, Psych, Stargate Universe, Human Target, Caprica, Life Unexpected, Smallville, Fringe, Supernatural, Hellcats, Fairly Legal and Shattered. Feature work includes A-Team, Rise of the Apes, Diary of a Wimpy Kid [1,2&3] and The Company You Keep. Ian and his band Mr M & The All Nighters worked on "This Means War" with Chris Pine, Reece Witherspoon and Tom Hardy. Ian recently appeared as the Mayor in the hit show "Fire Country" [Pilot] and as Scientist #2 in S02Ep01 of "Upload" Ian has been a single right leg amputee since the age of 15; he is able to perform both amputee and non amputee roles. Ian is full UBCP/ACTRA member and is a member of the PWD committee.


When Call The Heart [stunt] [Hallmark], RL Stine's The Haunting Hour [Actor/ADR] Scientist #2 Upload S02Ep1 Mayor Fire Country [Pilot]


Paralympic Athlete 1984 and 1988

Degrees & Certifications

Communications Degree, Simon Fraser University


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