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Courtney Dawn

Courtney has been working in TV since 2010 when she was a background actor in an episode of NCIS.


Courtney was a background actor in NCIS, The Mentalist and Scandal. She has been an occasional body double for Grey's Anatomy doubling for Jessica Capshaw. She worked with the U.S. Marine corps getting ready to go to Afghanistan simulating real life battle scenarios. Courtney has worked with Playboy photographer David Mecey and been photographed by Hanson Fong, Hal Schmidt, Bill Aron, Miguel Hererra, Christopher Broughton, Ashley Thomas, and Hathway. She avidly surfs and has competed in the Western Surfers Association competitions. She is an adaptive dancer and have worked with the acclaimed dance group AXIS based in Oakland, CA. Courtney is also a professional photographer with a Bachelors Degree from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.


Body Double for Jessica Capshaw Greys Anatomy

Degrees & Certifications

Bachelors of Arts - Commercial Photography


Film, TV, Internet, Appearances, Background, Editorial Print, Fashion Print, Fasihon Runway, Theater, Radio, Public Speaking

Sports & Activities



Prosthetic Limb


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