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Tarah Una

  • Categories: Actors, Models
  • Disability: Amputee Single Above Elbow
  • Gender: Female
My name is Tarah Una, I am a model, actress, flesh hook suspension artist and performer.


I have been the only amputee model to grace the pages of "horse back street chopper Magazine" march 2013. I have also been featured on the cover of Revolution Alternative Magazine in April of 2013. I have also been featured in Inkspired Magazine, Bizzare Magazine and Incredible Features Magazine. I've had a television début on National Geographic's Taboo USA episode 9 in July of 2013 and the Travel Channel in 2010. In October of 2012 I worked as a hired actor at Zappo's Zombie Apocalypse in Las Vegas Nevada. I have a long list of both visual art in film, horror and macabre. The work I am proudest of would be working for the US military as a combat medical trainee, I am dressed in FX make up and through the use of my amputated limb I train solders on how to attend to a newly amputated civilian that may be some kind of casualty of bombs and or warfare.


Combat Medical Trainee for the US military, National Geographic Taboo episode 9


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