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Sarah Hugo


I have Asperger Syndrome but I don't let it hold me back; indeed, it makes me a diligent worker and good at following instructions.

I have been attending weekly tap and ballet classes in addition to my degree level studies in Acting at Kingston College and I am gifted with a beautiful soprano voice (so I am told!), which I have been putting to good use in amateur dramatics with KLOS (the Kenton Light Operatic Society) Musical Theatre, with whom I have been performing for the past six years, and in More Than Just a Choir, previously known as the Harrow Community Choir.

I have a Double Distinction in Performing Arts at Level 3 from Uxbridge College and I am currently going through UCAS clearing with the aim of finishing my BA degree.

Degrees & Certifications

UK Level 3 Double Distinction in Performing Arts


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