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Nader Bahu

I am a Palestinian American filmmaker that lives in the Bay Area who makes his own short films. I act, edit, write, direct and plan my films. I have a one of a kind disability.


I am a Disabled Palestinian-American who has a one of a kind disability. I have a muscle atrophy disability that causes muscle weakness, which leads to myself having an open mouth, voice impairment, an inability to walk, and the weakening of my body over time. Due to this, I have learned throughout the years and now have a deeper understanding of being underrepresented. I have experienced a lot of hardships due to my disability, but I have turned those hardship into short films to help others with theirs. I do not see the world as good vs evil, but as a world with many complications and trials. I have been told by many people that I can not achieve the goals that I have due to my disability, but I feel I am doing the things that I love. I am a filmmaker that act, edit, write, direct and produce short films. Many of my films have me as the main character and I’ve been making stories to show my perspective to the world. Films are very important to me and help me grow as a person. I am also a gamer. I play and stream a lot of games. I hope I can get a big audience but I stream games on twitch to try to connect with people. I mostly play smash bros ultimate but I also play a lot of single player games. I don’t get a lot of viewership but I do it consistently so I’m hoping people can watch me. I make many videos on YouTube talking about movies and games


My short films have been in film festivals and received many awards from them I won competitions in smash bros ultimate tournaments

Degrees & Certifications

BA in Cinema


Sports & Activities


Power wheelchair


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