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Michael Krysiewicz

  • Categories: Actors
  • Disability: Deaf
  • Gender: Male


Michael John Krysiewicz was born on May 6, 1988 in Long Island, New York. Michael has been Deaf since birth meaning that he cannot hear nor speak. He uses American Sign Language to communicate.

Michael has been in many school plays since he was 3 years old. He continued to take part in school plays throughout middle school and he really fell in love with acting. In 1999, Michael attended Cleary School for the Deaf. Nickelodeon contacted Michael's school as they were seeking Deaf children for an upcoming commercial. Michael was recommended and Nickelodeon offered him an audition for a commercial. He went to the audition for Nickelodeon and got the job! But, two weeks later, Nickelodeon changed their minds and decided to go in a different direction. Michael was disappointed when he received the news but this motivated him to work harder to find other acting opportunities.

Michael has been inspired since he saw the movie "Children of a Lesser God" with Marlee Matlin. When he saw Marlee Matlin was Deaf, he realized that he can act too. At that moment, Michael was motivated to continue to find auditions to be part of commercials, shows, or movies.

In 2008, Michael attended Gallaudet University and had a minor in theatre. He worked on short films and continued to study the ins and outs of acting.

In 2018, Michael met an agency at the fair and he told them how he has a dream to become an actor. The agency helped him and he landed his very first commercial for "True Value" in 2019!

In 2021, he landed a job working for director Lysandra Pattersson in "500 Fireflies" as a production assistant and still photography.

In 2022, Michael got a small role in "Never Give Up" directed by Rob Loos and then the role of a teacher in the short film "Flipping the Script" directed by Patrick John Fitzgerald

In 2023, Michael was credited in the movie "Stream" directed by Michael Leavy and then the role as Don in the short film "Like Moonlight on Water" directed by Kayla Saunders.

Michael is passionate about becoming an actor. He wants to inspire other Deaf people like Marlee Matlin inspired him as a child.


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