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Jan Marcos


Jan is a young, passionate actor known for hearing and deaf roles. He is devoted to inclusion of people with disabilities on screen. He is oral deaf and wears hearing aids in both ears. He considers his deafness a gift to his craft and is honing his ASL and spanish language. Jan's spontaneous personality derives from his experience with his disability. His mantra is "Never takes no for an answer" which catapults him into thrilling adventures to show anything is possible. His match of vulnerability as a deaf person compels him to master and channel his emotions through his characters leading to a multidimensional figure.


The Anywhere (Short, 2021) - Lead - Dir. Paul Hardway, Verses (Short, 2021) - Lead - Dir. Precious Green, Wishing On A Paper Airplane (Short, 2020) - Lead - Dir. Valentina Duarte, Ultimate Invasion (TV Series, 2021) - Recurring - Dir. Greg LeSar, The Adventures of Allura (Short, 2021) - Supporting - Dir. Tomas Windsor, Payton's Caper (Independent, 2021) - Supporting - Dir. Brain Schmidt, Predestined (Series, 2020) - Featured Background - Dir. Aaron Johnson,Predestined (Series, 2020) - Featured Background - Dir. Aaron Johnson, Matched (Independent, 2020) - Featured Background - Dir. Salvatore Marotta, Runway of Dreams Fashion Show, 2020 - Model - Mindy Scheier, AG Bell Association Print - Model

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B.S. Exercise Science/Health Promotion


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