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Bobby Cole

  • Categories: Actors, Models
  • Disability: Other
  • Country: United States
a sneak peak of who iam in the about section!


My name is Bobby. I go by my last name Cole!! I'm a up and coming actor, or just someone who's trying to get his foot into the door!!! I'm originally from New York, but I live in Virginia. Been living here since 1990! So little over 30 years. I enjoy cooking, traveling, the arts, meeting interesting people, writing music. I'm also shy, quiet, down to earth, and a observer. Just to name a few things that I absolutely love about me! The outcast, the loner, but still manage to keep ten toes down!!! Wanna learn more. Just reach out and I will provide. Thanks! And Have a great day. p.s!! i would like to explain my disabilities. mental: bipolar, learning disability. physical: certain parts of my body never grew right. im not sure what they exact medical term for it is called, but! i get alot of off and on dizzy spells because of it!!! Like I had mentioned before. I'm in beginning phase within entertainment world. Which means I have no experience at all. accept for a acting class or two I took in 2002. But that's mainly my fault out of fear! Fear of not being good enough or looking good enough!!! So with that being said. Here's me taking one step at a time away from fear, and seeing where this journey takes me..


high school diploma. graduated in 2002!!


Public Speaking

Sports & Activities

Swimming, Weightlifting



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