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Angel Giuffria

Angel started working in film in 2007. She has been involved in over 20 productions since her start and has worked as a background performer on films such as the Green Lantern.

  • Categories: Actors, Videos
  • Disability: Amputee Single Below Elbow
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: United States
I travel regularly from Los Angeles to New Orleans. I wear the bebionic v3 small size hand, one of the most advanced bionic hands on the market.
Genetic Lottery (Short) - Bailey Harrison (2016), The Accountant - Robotics Lab Patient #3 (2016), Speech & Debate - Girl in Motorized Wheelchair (2017), Speech & Debate - Girl in Motorized Wheelchair (2017), This Is A Lie (2017), American Petroleum Commercial - Power Past Impossible (2017 Superbowl), White Rabbit Project (TV Series) - Where's My Hoverboard? Ep. 8
Best Actress - 48hr Film Festival: New Orleans
Degrees & Certifications
Bachelor of Arts





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