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Andrei Gajzago

  • Categories: Actors
  • Disability: Amputee Single Below Elbow
  • Gender: Male
Andrei Gajzago is a multilingual, Cluj-Napoca, Romania-based SAG eligible artist with film and television experience.


Andrei is an actor currently living in the Cluj-Napoca, Romania area. He started acting in 2009, became SAG eligible in 2012, and has had numerous roles in film and television. He also works regularly as a role player for live military and law enforcement training.

Being of European descent he speaks fluently three languages, English, Hungarian and Romanian, and has a four-year college degree from the University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj, Transylvania


Anatomy of Violence,pilot, Envelope,Trigger Street Production,speaking role in dialog with Kevin Spacey, Scandal, Monster Survival Guide,National Geographic,

Degrees & Certifications

Engineer Agricultural Science


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  • +40-753-989-284
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