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Alex Schwartz

  • Categories: Actors
  • Disability: Amputee Double Below Knee
  • Gender: Male
Representation in media changed my life when i was 19 seeing another double amputee. Since then, it's been my mission to lead by example myself.


A rare bone disorder resulted in his lower legs failing to form completely and caused his parents to face an emotionally devastating decision. They would either have to amputate both of his legs below the knee, or leave him with two virtually useless limbs that would restrict his mobility to a wheelchair. At less than 18 months old, they elected to amputate both legs and hoped for the best.

Through years of adversity, he continues to face each challenge head-on. Educating millions about life with limb difference is his passion. His YouTube channel, appearances on multiple TV shows, and speaking engagements help him to positively impact the community and follow that passion. Alex brings an unmatched energy to any room he enters.

His dedication and zest for life are immediately palpable, and his unique storytelling will leave any audience full of energetic inspiration. What initially left his parents at a loss has become everyone’s gain… without a doubt, he represents the definition of Mettle.


Ossur's "My Winning Moment" winner.

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MIT Leadership in the Digital Age


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