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Act On Ability Partners with Mediability

FREE acting, auditioning and other professional development classes specifically for disabled talent are now available to Mediability Members.
We are VERY excited to tell you that Mediability has entered into a partnership with Act On Ability to offer free, professional development classes from highly successful and sought-after instructors to our Members in the entertainment industry.

Act On Ability is a one-of-a-kind creative employment platform for persons with disabilities. As a not-for-profit, Act On Ability endeavours to provide aspiring actors training to work within film, television, and theatre.

The first in a series of ongoing, in-person professional development workshops has been announced and will take place in Toronto Canada. April 29-30 and May 13-14, 2023. Future locations include New York and Los Angeles.

Classes offered include Commercial Audition Technique, TV Scene Study, Film Scene Study, Improvisation, Voiceover, Script Analysis, and Industry 101.

The call is in the Open Call area. All talent must apply and be approved. Space for each session is limited.