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Project name: The Dismanteld

Casting Call ID: 541

  • Pay: Following ACTRA rates
  • Role / Character: Billy and Tess
  • Production dates: Shooting dates to be determined (between November 2023 and end of March 2024).
  • Location Requirement: Canada
  • Production location: Montreal and other
  • Age range: 25-35 yr old
Photo Topic:
  • Role / Project description: For two roles in an upcoming film project, we are looking for one MALE and one FEMALE performer who are wheelchair users.

    Synopsis: The film will be directed by Jason DaSilva, who is paraplegic. It tells the story of Billy, a young quadriplegic man from Montreal, living with multiple sclerosis (MS). He learns from a New York specialist that he will lose his sight in less than 3 months if he can’t get a stem cell transplant. To quickly raise funds for the private medical procedure, he smuggles MS medications from Canada to sell in the US. Tess, who is an American singer and also in a wheelchair, is Billy’s US sales contact.


    Billy: male, 25–35 years old, wheelchair user

    - Before our story starts, Billy was able to walk. After falling down a flight of stairs, he became quadriplegic. During an MRI scan after his fall, the doctors discovered his MS.
    - Billy is very smart, always thinking 12 steps ahead in his medication smuggling plan. He is self-centered and slightly manipulative.
    - Billy can be of any ethnicity.

    Tess: female, 25-35 years old, wheelchair user
    - Tess is American and sings jazz with a trio in New York. She also has MS and uses a wheelchair, but has full function of her arms.
    - Tess and Billy met at an MS conference before the story begins. She helps friends in the MS community to find low-cost medications.
    - Tess can be of any ethnicity.
    - The actor playing Tess does not have to be a singer but should indicate any singing ability in the application.
  • Submission deadline date: Suggested as soon as possible
  • Submission instructions: For either role, please send the following to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:
    - your full name, age, and 1 or 2 pictures of yourself
    - your email address and phone number (where we can reach you)
    - a short description of your disability
    - your CV, showing any professional acting experience

    We are open to charismatic amateurs, semi-professionnal or professional actors and can provide acting coaching if required.

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