Janelle Tuck Hansberger Lenhart

Categories Personalities
Country: United States
Disability: Amputee Single Below Knee
Sports: Distance / Marathon


While living in Atlanta in the fall of 2010, Janelle’s life took a tragic turn when she dropped a home computer on her foot. This minor accident caused a seemingly harmless, minor cut on the top of her foot. Later, however, the cut became infected and within 72 hours quickly developed into a life-threatening condition called necrotizing fasciitis, more commonly referred to as the “ flesh-eating bacteria. Ultimately, doctors performed an amputation of her left leg, below-the-knee, to stop the deadly bacteria from spreading to the rest of her body in order to save her life.

In 2013, Janelle completed the Thunder Road half-marathon, something she never dreamed of doing before her accident. And when she’s not exercising, Janelle wears an “everyday” prosthetic leg with an adjustable-height, titanium ankle system that allows for wearing shoes with two to three inches of a heel.

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