Shaholly Ayers

Categories Actors, Models
Location: Honolulu Hawaii
Country: United States
Disability: Amputee Single Below Elbow
Experience: Film, Internet, Editorial Print, Fashion Print, Fasihon Runway


In addition to modeling and acting Shaholly Ayers is has her MBA in marketing and BA in Arts and humanities. She is currently planning on creating and operating her own prothetic's company.

Credits: Models of Diversity Documentary July 2013, Olympia Reborn Pilot , BBC-Britain's Top Missing Model Ads , Cartoon Network , August Wrinkle Catalog , Milk & Honey Boutique, Hawaii Five-0 (background), Kane Magazine-Issue:4 (Cover), DISfunkshion Magazin- Issue: 3 (Cover), TRS. Prosthetic's (commercial)

Contact Phone: (808)780.7742
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tags: actor ads amputee beauty campaign model sports zombie

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