Katherine Crawford

Categories Actors, Models
Veteran: Army
Visit: http://www.facebook.com/Kampkofficial CA
Country: United States
Disability: Amputee Single Below Knee
Experience: Film, Internet, Appearances, Background, Editorial Print, Fashion Print, Fasihon Runway, Theater, Radio, Public Speaking

About: Katherine has a wide variety of unique talents and experience from her love of the performing arts, and her military career. As a veteran, she has an adequate working knowledge of the military lifestyle and is trained in the use of firearms. Katherine has benefited from exciting roles in theater, both musical and spoken, and has experience in a wide variety of unique fields such as stage performance, fire dancing, television, modeling, singing, public speaking, and working with children. With experience in prosthetic makeup and effects, Katherine is calm in the chair and capable of wearing applications over the face, nose and mouth with ease for extended periods of time. She enjoys unique roles and isn't afraid to jump outside the box, seeking out interesting, high fashion, and "horror/macabre" characters. Roles with a lot of emotion are strongly recommended for this actress. Katherine is raw and gritty, but can be poised and elegant at the flip of a switch.

Credits: RAW BEAUTY PROJECT NYC, Vidal Sassoon GMreverie Masterclass, Model. , UNYQ.com Fairings, Model, "Wonderchick" in the upcoming short film, "WONDER BUFFALO", Auto desk tester & model. prototype leg., "Jess Okar" Discovery Channel's Shark Week, "The Client" Robo-life Spike tv, Veteran patient "ABC Scandal" tv, Veteran patient "TNT Legends" tv, Brian Cuasito's "Don't do Drugs" set. "Drug Addict" , Brian Cuasito's "Broken, Not Beaten" inspirational set. "Athlete"

Contact Name: Katherine Crawford
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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