Katherine Beattie

Categories Athletes, Writers
Location: Los Angeles CA
Country: United States
Disability: Cerebral Palsy, Manual wheelchair user
Certifications: BS in Radio-Television-Film, Texas Christian University
Experience: TV, Internet, Appearances, Background, Editorial Print
Sports: Park / Skate

About: Katherine Beattie is an experienced WCMX rider known for being the first and only woman in the world to land a backflip on a wheelchair. She has filmed projects for SoulPancake's Happiness Stories and Lifetime TV and has appeared in numerous local and national print publications. Katherine lives in Los Angeles, and when not riding her wheelchair she enjoys other extreme sports such as surfing and skateboarding. Katherine has worked in the entertainment industry for almost a decade, and is currently in the writers room on a CBS procedural.

Contact Name: Katherine Beattie
Contact Phone: 818-679-7674
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tags: Skatepark WCMX wheelchair

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