David Poole

Categories Athletes
Visit: http://madmanpoole.com
Location: Bozeman Montana
Country: United States
Disability: Manual wheelchair user , Paraplegic
Experience: Film, Internet, Appearances, Public Speaking
Sports: Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Surfing

About: Injured skiing 2006, love to ski and bike. Live in Montana and enjoy the outdoors. I go camping, fishing, and hunting when I'm not training for either a mountain bike race or a biathlon competition.

Credits: "Its Raining So What" a film about Joe Stone and how you redefine possibilities.

Contact Name: David Poole
Contact Phone: 406-521-0953
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sponsors & Supporters:
Comfort Company
Tags: adapted skiing adapted surfing adaptive sports alpine skiing biathlon camping Eagle Mount extreme fishing handcycling Higher Ground hunting inspiring monoskiing mountain biking nordic skiing paraplegic shooting smith US Paralympics wake boarding wheelchair

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