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Project name: Square

  • Request type: Casting Call
  • Project type: Commercial
  • Casting for: Supporting
  • Pay / incentives: $750+20% per session day. $2k+20% per year usage, $500+20% per travel day, fitting fee $50, Covid testing $120 (option to renew at 2k+20 per year for an additional 2yrs)
  • Performer location requirement: Must be located in the U.S. and have a valid passport. Willing to travel to Mexico City, Mexico Jan 12-15
  • Union: None / Non Union
  • Production dates: Jan 12th - 15th
  • Production location: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Gender: Either Gender / No preference
  • Disability: Any Disability
  • Equipment: Any Disabled Equipment
  • Age range: 35-60
  • Veteran status: Doesn't Matter
  • Role / Character: Salsa Customer: 
  • Role / Project description: Any gender, Any ethnicity, 35-60. Person with a disability. Thoughtful and endearing. A foodie looking for the next best salsa. Square Non Union Production Company: Smuggler Director: Rubberband Pay: $750+20% per session day. $2k+20% per year usage, $500+20% per travel day, fitting fee $50, Covid testing $120 (option to renew at 2k+20 per year for an additional 2yrs) Usage: Worldwide Internet/ Digital (including but not limited to paid/unpaid web, VOD/OTT/CTV, social media, e-mail) 2 years Worldwide Industrial/ Non-broadcast– 2 years
Archival use on Square’s YouTube/ Social/ Web channels – perpetual Option to extend internet term 1 year  Print: Universal, unlimited promotional & online usage (paid & organic) but perpetual for the company's internal, archival purposes, social and digital media channel’s (e.g. Content may remain perpetually where originally posted within a timeline). including but not limited to internet/web, e-mail, video, app store/mobile apps, banner ads, OOH, print collateral, and PR/press in all markets where Square is available. Self Tapes Due: January 4th 7pm EST Callbacks: Will most likely be Cast off of Self Tapes Shoot Location: Mexico City, Mexico Shoot Date: 1 shoot day btwn January 12-15 2022 Housing and transportation round trip from NYC to Mexico City, Mexico will be provided. IMPORTANT: Everyone submitting must have an up to date and valid passport. This production requires 100% fully vaccinated actors and crew, unless there is a qualifying medical or religious exemption. All Covid Precautions will be followed. Talent must be able to show proof of vaccine status prior to employment and all vaccination records will be maintained confidentially and securely by production.
  • Submission deadline date: Jan 4th
  • Submission instructions: SELF TAPE AUDITIONS are DUE BY Tues Jan 4th at 7pm EST. EARLY VIDEO SUBMISSIONS are GREATLY appreciated. That way I can give you notes, if needed. Send a downloadable file with a limit of 600 MB. mov, mp4 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via WeTransfer or DropBox. Make sure the lighting is good and that we can see and hear you clearly in the video. Filming from your phone totally works! SALSA CUSTOMER SELF TAPE INSTRUCTIONS In a close up slate your name and location Let us know if your passport is good to go and up to date. Let us know if you are fully vaccinated or if you have a qualifying medical or religious exemption. Tell us how you relate to the role you’re playing (are there any types of food you specifically love and test out regularly) Then give us a full body shot. Take 1. Keep it real, easy going but thoughtful. Medium shot (waist up) Imagine you’re in your home kitchen shopping on your phone for salsa (you’re a connoisseur after all), looking through the options, thinking about what’s missing from your kitchen. Pick a salsa on your phone that you’re interested in and click the “buy” button on your phone. Take 2. Imagine the salsa has arrived, you just got it delivered, open up the bottle and put some of the salsa on a chip, taste it… it’s satisfying. (Keep the reaction real, simple, not over the top at all). If you have a reel of your past on camera work, commercial or legit, we’d love to see it. Send a link if you do. Not at all a problem if you don’t.

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  • Allison Twardziak CSA
  • Allison Twardziak - Casting Director CSA
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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