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Project name: Dipsea: Liv in "Last Call"

  • Request type: Casting Call
  • Project type: Voice
  • Casting for: Lead
  • Pay / incentives: We are currently non union - this project is $500 for 2.5 hours of your time
  • Performer location requirement: We can work with performers from almost anywhere in the world.
  • Union: None / Non Union
  • Production dates: We will need 2.5 hours of your time during the week of February 24-28
  • Production location: We can work with performers from any part of the world.
  • Gender: Female
  • Disability: Any Disability
  • Equipment: Manual Wheelchair, Power Wheelchair
  • Age range: 25-45
  • Veteran status: Doesn't Matter
  • Role / Character: Liv
  • Role / Project description: Hi!

    Dipsea is currently casting for the role of Liv in an upcoming story called "Last Call".

    Who We Are: Dipsea is a female-founded startup behind the first audio platform for women’s sexual wellbeing. Our team is pioneering a new kind of sensorial audio storytelling that helps women tap into their inner sexual powers and awaken their most confident, invigorated selves. Our short, sexy audio stories are made possible by talented voice actors. Imagine the monologues and dialogues of popular TV shows, done exclusively in audio. Learn more at


    Synopsis: Liv and Pete are regulars at Bobby’s bar. Tonight, they are celebrating Liv’s pending write up in the Times — a reviewer came to her show. They both have a crush on Bobby but tonight, they’re riding such a high, they fantasize about what it would be like to hook up with him. He overhears them and jumps the gun— he’s totally down. They all go back to Liv’s apartment and she directs them into a sex act that she cant do with just one person — doggy style.

    Core Desire: Threesome + Being taken care of


    Liv — 30s. Female. Actress. A little reserved in real life, but comes to life on stage. She has been paralyzed from birth. Not completely, she has patches of sensation, but it’s not straightforward. Some places are numb, some places are hyper sensitive. And sometimes they fluctuate. Her body is unpredictable and her arousal is atmospheric and narrative as much as it is sensual. She uses a wheelchair.

    Pete — 40s. Bi. Actor. He’s fun-loving and doesn’t have time for bullshit. He always says what’s on his mind.

    Bobby — 30s. Bi. Bartender. A little shy. Tattooed. He’s generally reserved but he’s clearly been harboring feelings for Liv and Pete.

    Inspiration Links:

    *** Prior to auditioning, we recommend listening to a Dipsea story. This should help you understand the natural sound we are seeking. If you have access to an iPhone, you can download the app and listen to selected stories for free. If downloading the app isn't accessible for you, you can also listen to some clips online at The number one thing we listen for is believability - we want it to sound like you're a real person experiencing real emotions.***

    Side 1. Audition Lines: Dialogue (Liv + Bobby + Pete) [Please only read the lines for the character you’re auditioning for.] Context: Liv and Pete are scheming and fantasizing about having a threesome with their favorite bartender. Pete overhears and agrees immediately.

    LIV: [silence before answering] Let’s say he’s interested—

    PETE: He’s interested—

    LIV: Let’s say he’s interested. Theoretically. What do you want us to do with him?

    PETE: [flirty] You tell me.

    LIV: [considering….] I want you to get him ready for me—

    PETE: Mhmm—

    LIV: Let me watch.

    PETE: Yeah?

    LIV: and then— make it all about me—

    Bobby slides into the booth next to Pete. He has a bourbon on the rocks.

    BOBBY: You guys telling secrets about me?

    Liv and Pete start laughing.

    BOBBY:[this should come out like a hammer drop -- he surprises them.] Nah don’t be embarrassed. I heard everything. I’m very down.

    LIV VO
    I’d like to say Pete and I kept our cool. But both of our jaws hit the table. We all started laughing. Bobby was always so reserved— his directness was stunning. He wasn’t wasting any time.— And then as reality set in of what was coming next, my stomach shifted inside me. Higher and tighter. If I got stage fright, that’s what I imagined it felt like.

    Side 2. Audition Lines: Dialogue (Liv + Bobby + Pete)

    [Please only read the lines for the character you’re auditioning for.] Context: Liv, Pete and Bobby are having sex back at Liv’s apartment.

    LIV VO
    Bobby lifted his shirt over his head. There were tattoos across his whole chest. A dark happy trail down his belly— Pete was still, just taking him in. Bobby bit his lip in humility— like he’d been keeping this dirty secret under his oversized band tshirts that he wore behind the bar.

    LIV: Kiss him—-

    BOBBY: [teasing / to Pete] Yeah, what are you staring at?

    LIV VO

    Pete pulled him even closer. Grabbing at his shoulders. His chest. Bobby guided his hands down to his groin and Pete started rubbing between his legs. [Bobby quiet moan]

    LIV: You like that?

    BOBBY: [while kissing] mmm.

    PETE: These lips are insane—

    LIV VO

    Pete tugged at his mouth with his teeth. Surprising Bobby. He brought his hand to his mouth—

    PETE: Too much?

    BOBBY: Do it again.

    Making out.

    BOBBY: Now do it to her.
  • Submission deadline date: Thursday, 2/20 at 5 p.m. PST
  • Submission instructions: Please submit your audition through this form:

    Please feel free to record your submission on any recording device (including your phone - no need to record with fancy mics!)

Casting / Agency Contact Details

  • Kara Hart
  • Dipsea
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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