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Project name: TOUGH SLEDDING: The Impossible Dream

Casting Call ID: 556 (enter in Audition form Call ID area)

  • Request type: Casting Call
  • Project type: Film
  • Casting for: Lead
  • PaySAG Basic
  • Role / Character: *{SLED HOCKEY PLAYERS}*-*Adult Males who can authentically play a Paralympian sled hockey player.
  • Production dates: Late September / Early October
  • Production location: TBD
  • Age range: Any
  • Role / Project description: Currently seeking on our sled hockey players (athletic, disabled performers)

    **Sled hockey experience is a plus but by NO MEANS a must!!!

    **Acting experience a plus but by NO MEANS a must!!

    Logline: Tough Sledding tells the dramatic and uplifting true story behind the US National Sled Hockey Team’s incredible journey from underdogs to gold Medal champions during the 2002 Paralympics in Salt Lake City.

    *{SLED HOCKEY PLAYERS}*-*Adult Males who can authentically play a Paralympian sled hockey player. Seeking talent that identify as disabled. *
  • Submission deadline date: ASAP
  • Submission instructions: Upload a headshot and if you have video or photos of you playing sled hockey, please include them!

    IMPORTANT: This production requires 100% fully vaccinated actors and crew, unless there is a qualifying medical or religious exemption. All Covid Precautions will be followed. Talent must be able to show proof of vaccine status prior to employment and all vaccination records will be maintained confidentially and securely by production

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