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Project name: Squeeze

Casting Call ID: 697 (enter in Audition form Call ID area)

  • Request type: Casting Call
  • Project type: Film
  • Casting for: Supporting
  • Pay: Scale - $216 + 10% per day + travel, accommodations, meals/per diem
  • Union: SAG-AFTRA
  • Role / Character: Shirley
  • Production dates: August 13th start (3 days)
  • Location Requirement: New York/Tri-State Area
  • Production location: Hudson Valley, NY
  • Gender: Female
  • Equipment: Any Disabled Equipment
  • Age range: 16-25
  • Veteran Status: Not Required
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Role / Project description: Character is female presenting, any ethnicity and appears age 17. She is a wisecracking teenager with cerebral palsy. She loves to get a rise out of her classmates, and even their parents by shocking people with risqué language such as “I think my math tutor wants to get in my pants.” She also loves attending the wrestling matches, but mainly to see people “get creamed.” Underneath her rambunctious exterior, she is extremely supportive of any fellow students who have some differences, and especially Noah. Actors with cerebral palsy encouraged to submit as we are looking to cast this role authentically. Note: Character has one line of slightly risqué language. (SUPPORTING)

    We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race and ethnicity, age, color, national origin, or any other basis prohibited by law unless specifically indicated.

    Actors who feel they meet the character description are encouraged to submit themselves regardless of professional credits/experience.

    Storyline: Based on a true story of the writer’s son, the short film, Squeeze, tells the story of Noah Levy who is trying to survive high school like every other teen out there. Noah has felt extra lonely being the only neurodivergent student in his school in the late 1990’s. But when the school wrestling coach takes an interest in him and puts him on the team, Noah’s life trajectory changes as does the understanding and growth for his fellow teammates.
  • Submission deadline date: June 16th 2023
  • Submission instructions: Please email headshot and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Casting will be in touch further if they need anything else.

Casting / Agency Contact Details

  • Liz Lewis Casting Partners
  • Rachel Reiss, CSA
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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