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Project name: Hangman

Casting Call ID: 687 (enter in Audition form Call ID area)

  • Request type: Casting Call
  • Project type: Film
  • Casting for: Lead
  • Pay: $800-$1200 CAD / food+travel+accommodation
  • Union: None / Non Union
  • Role / Character: Eshana Patel
  • Production dates: July 15- 23, 2023
  • Location Requirement: Canada (preferred)
  • Production location: Toronto Canada
  • Gender: Female
  • Equipment: Prosthetic Limb
  • Equipment: Manual Wheelchair
  • Equipment: Power Wheelchair
  • Age range: 20-30
  • Veteran Status: Doesn't Matter
  • Leg Amputee ,
  • Above Knee Amputee ,
  • Below Knee Amputee ,
  • Double Above Knee Amputee ,
  • Double Below Knee Amputee
  • Role / Project description: HANGMAN is a dark and surreal 20 min dramatic narrative film about a fit and attractive 24-year old woman whose life is upended by a traumatic life-altering assault at work. Despite having to learn how to cope with her new disability, and recurring nightmares that force her to confront her own fear and resentment, Eshana chooses to return to work so that she can continue to help other members of her community.
  • Submission deadline date: May 1st
  • Submission instructions: We are seeking an actress (20-30 years old) with lower limb amputation (preferably double below knee) to play the female lead in a 20 min low budget narrative film. We would prefer to find a candidate who is comfortable walking on prosthetic limbs so we have the option to cast them as the able-bodied version of the character in earlier scenes. We are accepting applicants from all ethnicities and are prepared to modify the character description accordingly.

    Please send headshots, resumes, and a demo reel using the sides. Please indicate the type of disability that you have and any accommodations you require on set and while traveling.

    If possible, please provide a sample of yourself walking so we can assess the feasibility of placing you in "able-bodied" scenes.

    We have also opened the role to able-bodied applicants in the event that we can't find a suitable disabled actor to cover a of Eshana's scenes. When applying, please indicate: "Disabled actress applying for Eshana" so that we may prioritize your application.

    The final deadline for self-tape submissions is May 1st. The demo tapes will be evaluated by our director and short listed candidates will be notified about next steps.

    For additional information about the project please consult our webpage:

Casting / Agency Contact Details

  • n00t studio
  • Aleks Spurmanis
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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